SMAT (HD or 4K Headend)


The ideal solution for multi-rooms commercial properties. 

These solutions offers the most channels packed into an extremely small footprint. You can now carry from 8 up to 23 HD or SD channels per blade, and up to 138 channels per chassis. All within an easily expandable platform made to display your dream channel package. They support 4K HDR Satellite Broadcast Channels, giving your business the resolution of programming to go along with your impressive 4K commercial TVs. Locally manage your network through an integrated web interface, or manage multiple properties via a single centralized hub.

Comm 300 from DirecTv

SMAT (HD or 4K Headend) Easy to install and energy efficient

Only 300 watts of power consumption. Qualified as “Plug & Play”. Engineered to be backward compatible for the expansion of the existing deployments.


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