Great for Apartment Buildings, Hospitals, Dormitories and Assisted Living Facilities.

L-Band Type TV Distribution System

This is a video service for multiple users provided via satellite antenna. The channel selection is made through an in-room receiver and all the receivers installed get the full programming package the customer is subscribed to.

Buildings L-Band Type TV Distribution System
Buildings L-Band Type TV Distribution System

In most cases the receiver can be placed in a discreet location to ensure an aesthetically pleasing finished product. It is an efficient and cost effective way to deliver HD content.

Benefits of L-Band Type TV Distribution Systems in your Buildings

You do not require the more expensives Pro Idiom type Hospitality TVs to provide your guests high definition (HD) TV service. Which make it ideal for Hotels, Motels, Hospitals.

In appartment complexes, this system offers the service for all the tenants with only one antenna per building. Every tenant has their own account, and choose the equipments and programming they can paid for in a private way.

With L-Band satellite TV distribution systems you give your guests the HD programming they demmand in a very affordable way.

We can offer our customers most brands of commercial TVs at manufacturers direct pricing.

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