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New Install

Overnight installation for our client’s convenience.
Rosatis Pizzeria
Chandler, Az.

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Sun Desert Technologies supporting our community

Tuesday 10/26/2021 Volunteering at Midwest Food Bank

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New Service for Hotels


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Consulting, Designing and Installing Systems to bring ideas to reality for our customers.

More than 10 years of experience offering a Complete Service for Commercial and Residential needs regarding Entertainment, Communication and Security.

Internet, Phone, Home Automation, Video, Sound, Surveillance and Security, Public Hot Spot, Structured Wiring, Video Distribution and Headends.

Whatever your type of business is, our wide range of Commercial Services can help you.

Internet and Phone

  • Satellite Services
  • Landline Services
  • Optical Fiber
  • Mobile

Guarantee the most appropriate Phone and Internet Services according to your location, budget and specifics needs of your business.

Intrusion and Surveillance

Protect your employees, your clients and your investment. We  provide wiring, equipment (cameras, monitor sensors, alarms), internet support, cloud solutions in an integrated system that allows you to oversee all your sites under one eye.

Audio and Video

Microphones, disk recorders, audio mixers, video cameras, film projectors, data projectors, slide projectors, digital signage, amplifiers and speakers. We can plan, connect and install the Audio/Video system you need.



We can carry out an efficient network that adapts to the changes and growth of your business over time.

Structured Wiring

All-In-One System Management data, voice and video in one network.  More powerfull Bandwith, higher speeds in your equipment and a organized installation.

Casting for Hotels

Your guests can enjoy the same content as they do at home and experience modern in-room entertainment.

We attend Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops, Hotels, Motels, Casinos, Sports Bars, Gyms, Salons, Apartment Complexes, Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities, Schools, Waiting Areas, any type of commercial spaces.

Bring comfort, entertainment and safety to your home with our Residential Services.

Internet and Phone

  • Satellite Services
  • Landline Services
  • Optical Fiber
  • Mobile


Security and Home Automation

  • Smart Home Security
  • Advanced Energy Management
  • Video Monitoring
  • Premier Smart Home Automation
  • Dedicated Communication


Audio and Video

We can provide different sound and sight equipment, or we can install what you have. Audio mixers, video cameras, projectors, sound systems, players/recorders, amplifiers and speakers.

We are authorized dealers and representatives of